The Year Without Pants

I worked at, the 15th most popular website in the world to write The Year Without Pants, a book about what we can learn from the amazing and progressive culture they use to get work done. One major challenge I faced there was learning how to work without email. That’s right. While all employees had email accounts and were free to use them, they rarely did. I didn’t either: 95% of the email I received while employed there was from people at other companies

via Is There Life After Email? Yes, And It’s Amazing

That’s author Scott Berkun outlining how email has two main fans: people who like to show off and people who like to cover their butt. The Wordpress alternative is the collaborative blog that allows readers to manage the experience instead and features a level of accessibility that email could never approximate.

We may have finally arrived at the time when we realize all we need are the tools of messaging and web pages to replace the dysfunctionality of email.

At Wordpress, this aesthetic permeates the whole culture where top heavy decision structures and formal meetings rarely occur and one can leverage the dominantly virtual environment to, if one so chooses, go a year without pants.