Proactive Parenting

Sproutling, a startup that aims to “grow your parent IQ,” is developing a new baby monitor that will pick up more than just sound.

Co-founder Chris Bruce told The Huffington Post that the monitor will have three parts: a small wearable sensor that will strap to a baby’s ankle, a wall sensor, and a mobile sensor. Together, the parts will constantly check things like a baby’s heart rate, skin temperature and movement, as well as the room’s temperature, humidity, noise and light levels.

The sensors will then convert the information into insight reports available on an app that parents can access on smartphones and other devices. If anything is amiss, the app will alert parents.

via Sproutling’s Wearable Baby Monitor Will Text Parents While Baby Sleeps

I expect the idea will migrate to sensor wristbands for older children to monitor the otherwise unnoticed beginnings of fatigue, tantrums, restlessness, aggression and the return to happiness. Very interesting world this could turn into.