Making Way For New Leadership

It’s a new day for leadership. We now have more than enough science to support a transformation in the conversations we have about what it means to be a leader in this age of unprecedented connectivity and complexity.

When there are no limits to how we can be connected and how unpredictable the world is, leadership requires a complete makeover.

Everything we thought about leadership no longer holds relevance or power. Now we’re thinking about leadership as empowering people to find their own way. Now it’s all about creating space for people leveraging their strengths. No more conversations about weaknesses and deficiencies, fear and cynicism.

This is a shift in leadership metrics. It’s no longer about how much leaders take power. It’s about how they empower. It’s a call for developing leaders in whole new ways.

When it comes to leadership in this era, humility is power. Inspiration replaces perspiration as the new currency of intelligence. Fast is the new smart.

Thanks, Jack