Can we expect anyone to learn at any age?

The sky's the limit when it comes to ways we disable our capacity for learning. We have personality tests that try to convince us that our identity is destined for a particular set of behavioral and thinking patterns. The mythology that our personalities are fixed in early childhood that lacks empirical evidence continues to proliferate popular psychology. Our penchant for repeating the same stories shadows our lives with assumptions that we are constrained by our narratives.

As the neurosciences demonstrate with more data than most people have, our brains have no permanent structures. All habits of behaving and thinking can be changed, even in weeks, to adapt to whatever styles work for us. We are only limited to our beliefs otherwise. We can learn anything our physical capacities can accommodate.

This liberates us from the excuses we give ourselves and those others impose on us for their own purposes. From a strengths-based understanding of the neuroplastic nature of our brains, we have all the basic skills it takes to develop any kind of personalities we deem significant to our thrivancy.

This is a game changer in how we think about education and training in schools and workplaces. It empowers our potential in ways we imagine possible. And at any age.