The power of questions

The model I use in every group collaboration is the Agile Canvas. It starts with questions because it's been my experience that questions are magic. Questions level the playing field. People enter the conversation with various levels of knowledge and skill. Anyone can have questions. The call for questions gives everyone an invitation to engage.

Questions make uncertainty actionable. With an intrinsically unknowable future, questions engages us in discovery that leads to creating the future we want to see.

Questions make us smarter. Curiosity is the highest level of intelligence. Starting off with speculations, reports on the past and debates limits our collective capacity to become smarter together.

Questions create focus. We are most focused when we are most inquisitive about our unknowns and possibilities. Questions  are actually more powerful than goals and intentions in giving us focus.

Questions move us from ambiguity to action. More than all of the fact sharing possible, questions lead to more questions and to action sooner.