Idea beauty contests

Before we had explicit methods for engaging people in collaborative and organic growth of viable ideas, we naively believed in the efficacy of idea beauty contests.  In these sincere albeit weird rituals, we would parade raw ideas on fashion runways of flip charts and then actually vote to decide on which of the many would be the losers. The cognitive parents of the losers were expected to sport beauty pagent loser smiles in mandatory celebration of the winners.

Even without the tons of research indicating that competition has only deleterious impacts on rich creativity and trust based collaboration, everyone understands that voting doesn't help ideas organically grow into viability.

Fortunately, we now have methods for growing good ideas together. In the countless idea sessions I've facilitated like these, the ultimately implementd ideas usually have little direct resemblance to the original batches of ideas that launch the rich idea evolutions. 

I don't remember the last time I supported any group thinking idea voting has any validity. Every group responds to my position with relief and their best ideas and authentic alignment ever. They especially like the fact that the ultimately implemented ideas were literally products of everyone's contributions and engagements. No losers, we win together or not at all.