How My Writing & Work Connect

I didn't start writing professionally until a couple decades ago. I admire the emerging generation of writers who correctly started in their 20s. I was 40 when I started and have never looked back. It's been mostly books and blogs often on topics related to my work of shifting conversations in organizations and communities. This year I will do books 15 and 16, one on rethinking our relationship with time and a cookbook on improvisational cooking for people who want to cook more.

My writing mostly informs and reflects my work. I stay creative along the way with books that focus on things like photography, poetry, short stories and in this year's case, everyday cooking.

It took a while to realize that organizational and civic leaders engage me in projects because I'm a writer. Looking back, many of my best projects were initiated by people being inspired by one or more of my books. They thrive on the fresh perspectives I bring from my writing to inspiring and facilitating differences in their world. I keep my writing rich by keeping it heavily researched. Writing drives my relentless passion for the kind of learning  discovery and creativity that help groups realize their potential together as never before, transforming their lives.