The Web Turns 25

As the Web turns 25, it's astounding what a generation worth of innovation and engagement has done to change our world globally more so than any other generation since the beginning of the human narrative on this planet. I was there. My first online experience began in 1991, the first year of public access to the Web. No images, scrolling only using keyboard arrows, getting kicked offline regularly and waiting literally hours of pinging attempts at reconnection.

Now, the web is an indispensable tool for facilitating and archiving virtual and local collaborations. Tools as simple and accessible as Google Docs to complex apps and websites make possible what was only possible through the crude collaboration tools of fax and email.

We still have a long way to go in socializing people to using shared documents in seamless collaboration with love media like face meetings and video/conference calls. In this, we are just in the infancy of possibility.