The Dismantling Of The Corporation

A trend in corporate structure that has been emergent and compelling for years is now getting scale and press. It's the de-hierachicalization of the corporation.  This is the distribution and alignment of power within and across organizations. One of the more salient features: people decide what they're going to do, who they're going to work with and how to measure their success. We're seeing it at large multinationals like Semco and Gore as well as places like Morning Star and Valve. It's not restricted to single sectors like technology but cross-sectors.

We've had evidence that this approach works and the evidence is even more compelling lately with the data about the profound growth and profit implications of engagement. As it turns out, nothing engages people like being empowered.

It does take careful design and support to transition from conventional to empowering cultures. It's more process and practice than edict. Every organization on the planet needs to consider some application.