We Are Here To Make A Difference

We come alive in new perspectives. We love the optimism infused by new ideas. We delight in the invitations of new conversations and connections. We are grateful for new understandings of what once puzzled and perplexed us.

New perspectives come from presence. New possibilities reveal themselves to those who live in the present because the present is the only time new possibilities can show up.

We cannot go back to the past or ahead to the future to discover new possibilities. They are only here, now.

The more present we are, the more we are naturally drawn to making a difference. The size, scope, and location of our differences doesn’t matter. They can be small or large, humble or heroic, in our own personal circle or in circles concentric to our globe.

Our spirit thrives in large spaces. That’s why we’re naturally drawn to mountains and seas, and stories that swallow us whole and return us as never before.

That’s why the deepest meaning we author in our lives is the meaning in making a difference. Every day life gives us is a fresh opportunity to surprise our world with the fruits of our new perspectives.

Our capacity to make a difference is equal to our capacity to discover new possibilities. And new possibilities emerge at the depth of our presence.

An excerpt from my 13th book launching this summer, “The Now Of Next"