The Moral Imperative Of Male Leaders

I learned today that in our world of 8 billion people, women own 2% of the wealth.  Even if this figure is increasing at glacial speed it still speaks volumes about the profound social, economic and political illiteracy that we have about the potential of women entrepreneurship.

I will continue to argue as I have that men in leadership have a moral imperative to individually and collectively work overtime to cultivate cultures where the empowerment of women as entrepreneurs become central to the transformation of local and global communities.

This is not a call for a new paternalism but rather a deep peer respect for the compelling perspectives that women bring to our understanding of sustainability in communities.

Male leaders have a unique position to validate this kind of empowerment.

It is our obligation to our granddaughters granddaughter's legacies. It will take the synergy of new conversations, policies, education, structures and institutions. It is a moral imperative because it is possible.