Breathing Into A New Future

You’ve met them before. People who can walk into a room and effortlessly win the hearts and minds of everyone they meet. And thanks to this seemingly natural ability, achievement, influence, and happiness seem to land in their lap.

Mandar Apte is one of these people. When you meet him, it’s no surprise he won the People’s Choice Award at the inaugural League of Intrapreneurs awards, an event that convened the “who’s who” of the growing global social intrapreneurship movement. Apte’s humble energy is captivating. And his dedication to being a catalyst for unlocking the potential of his colleagues at Shell is inspiring.

via How Shell Is Fostering Innovation With Meditation | Co.Exist: World changing ideas and innovation

Apte is co-founder of the powerful and popular program Empower at Shell where thousands of people have discovered authenticity and greater potentials through something as simple as breathing practices. It transforms the way work gets done. It is the future of how work can be more possible.

Thanks, Jack