3 Tips For New Leaders

I am somewhat surprised to meet and observe young leaders who have not had the advantage of good mentoring, and perhaps have been protégés under not good leaders. Here are my top of mind suggestions for making the best of the role. Build credibility

You will have influence to the extent that you build and sustain credibility. Credibility means dependability and transparency. Don't expect the privilege of position or your track record will contribute to your credibility. People will authentically appreciate your leadership efforts and intentions to the extent they trust you.

Listen first

Your ideas will have the most value when they work in context. Your sincere belief in the genius of your ideas is meaningless outside of the contexts where your ideas need to apply. Listen more than you're used to and have context wise ideas. Do more homework than anyone you know.

Connect people

The most important resource you will ever have available is the ecology of relationships you help grow and engage. Your most significant contribution is growing and engaging the relationships among people in your world. Measure your success in large part by your ability to do this.