8 Common Time Wasters In Collaborations

Here are 8 common ways people waste time in collaborations & listening response alternatives.  Ranting: Going on and on about anything without adding new additions to the conversation; also listening to ranting instead of posting new contributions Listening: Make sure any new additions to any conversations get posted; keep posting your own new additions; encourage listeners to get busy posting new items

Complaining: Talking about what's wrong, what's lacking, what isn't working, why and who's to blame Listening: Turn any negative into a new posted question or fact

Attacking: Initially responding to any contribution with why its unrealistic or wrong Listening: Respond first with the possible merits, benefits or value of any continuation; talk first about what you might like about it, then offer alternatives

Defending: Justifying problems, mistakes, setbacks, failures, bad decisions and things not done on time Listening: Get any new questions or facts from lessons learned posted; add new required items to future sprints; adjust story timestamps to reflect changes

Dominating: Doing so much talking others can't talk; bullying others into conformity and compliance Listening: Get anything new posted; add and invite others to keep adding to any of the 5 Canvas conversations

Acquiescing: Insincerely agreeing to anything to avoid the risk of disagreement Listening: Get any new and different ideas, facts, questions, perspectives posted; be honest and invite people to be honest about their differences and use them to grow the Canvas

Resource-wasting: Allowing the group to work on anything in a group conversation that could be worked on by individuals or pairs in sprints Listening: Decide as a group which sprint to put the work and get it assigned

Delays: People take on more in any sprint than they have time for and don't complete their assignments Listening: Get all sprint items time estimated by the group and make sure everyone declares their maximum time availability for any sprint in which they work