Are There Really Productivity "Secrets?"

Social media daily features secrets to Everyhing. We learn the secrets to whatever we want to pursue by the most talented people living and passed. And they are all secrets to those who don't discover and explore them. When it comes to productivity, most things labelled secrets are what we might already know and might not know is a good practice. Here are the tips that continued to be recycled across multiple lists.

Have systems for everything: tracking appointments, tasks and commitments

Create spaces and times with minimal distraction potential 

Start your day with easy or difficult things: both work for different reasons

Set goals to keep yourself at least as proactive as you are reactive

Manage your energy so you have energy available when you need it.

I would preempt all secrets with the macro-truth: Know yourself. Know what makes you most and least productive and manage your time accordingly. If that's been a secret to you, the good news is is no longer.