Caring About Community

How important is it that we care about our community?  Many of those who are relatively privileged to live in suburban neighborhoods prefer there specifically because they want to live somewhere they don't have to care about. They enjoy assuming that everyone will mind their own business. They enjoy working, buying, worshipping, learning and entertaining outside their neighborhood.

I haven't see data on this, but after living most of my life in urban neighborhoods, it has been my experience that people who have a choice about where they live and live in urban neighborhoods do care about the communities they choose. Of course these are generalizations with exceptions, nevertheless the issue raises the question about how important it is to care about the community we live in.

I would argue, as I have in communities across the US that in thriving communities, people wisely care as much about the whole as they do about the skies because they see the fates of each intrinsically interdependent.