The Transformational Transition From Which To How

Interesting conversation with Silicon Valley investment leader Andy Hyde after my work with the investment community here on the critical imperative of relationship building in this intense and complex space. Part of the complexity is that this space is fraught with polarities: sell-hold, slow-fast, quality-speed, outsource-insource. Groups get stuck, delay creativity and actually lower their collective intelligence when they approach these with the wrong question. The wrong question in polarities is always the question of which.

The right questions that cause thrivancy instead are questions of how, specifically how we can build and leverage all of the strategic advantages of both poles, which there are often many. Moving from wrong to right questions liberates groups from the tyranny of or and unleash the power of wisdom of and. The simple and profound shift from which to how aligns the group and juices creative and inclusive possibiltiies. In a word: Magic.