Showing Up With Integrity

Whatever our relationship to our organization or community, we have much to gain by showing up with integrity. Integrity is acting with a sense of trustworthiness and transparency. We make and keep agreements. We communicate our perspectives and intentions. We expect and support the same in others. People do not have to guess whether we will keep our word or what we're up to.

Integrity is not an inherent character quality or explicit personal decision. It is not an inevitable or imposed social construction. It is a habit that we can develop and master over time. It both honors our vulnerability and empowers us with courage. It engages our passions and strengths.

Showing up with integrity requires trusting ourselves. We trust ourselves when we live and work from principles. Principles are statements of what works for us. When we know what works, we trust ourselves. This is the foundation of integrity.

Acting with integrity raises the possibility but not the guarantee that others will reciprocate. The only way we have to help others act with more integrity is to show up with integrity ourselves and to explicity expect it from others.

A team of people who show up with integrity will dependably outperform a team of people who doesn't.