Why we need new conversations

This time last year I presented in "The Way Of Questions" the premise that the only way to get to new possibilities is through new questions. Old questions are responsible for the status quo of business as usual and all the defensiveness and excuses that reify them. Slow teams and organizations works from old questions. Nimble teams work from new questions.

It's easy to spot new and old questions. When the questions on the table feel like deja vu, they are old and will yield old results. When we don't have easy or quick answers to a question, it's likely a new question. 

In nimble teams, the possibility of new questions are limitless.

  • What is the good we want to seek together?
  • How can we engage our own and each other's goodness in this effort?
  • What's going well and why?
  • What are the problems we want to have?
  • How could we make this more beautiful?
  • What would be most helpful here?