The 5 Habits Of Thriving Organizations

In our Thrive@Work commitment to changing the nature of work, Jen Margolis and I have spent the last year iterating through the science and practice of happiness to arrive at what we propose as the 5 core habits of Thriving Organizations. As more organizations are between fascinated by and committed new agile models of org structures like Holacracy, we believe these adventures will work when the culture is based in the intention to be a thriving organization. 

The habits of thriving organizations are courage, belonging, purpose, discovery and vitality. They are developable and have significance in the way they move the culture and structure of organizations from industrial to information era models. They make it more possible for the Holacratic biases for distributed power, agile collaboration, empathetic creativity, transformational leadership and engagement in a purpose economy.

Now that we are finally outgrowing the old industrial model of work, we're busy reinventing the nature of work that better engages our best. This radical departure from engagement as command and compliance will require nothing less than thinking about how to give people permission to practice the 5 habits of thriving organizations.