Creating Cultures Of Innovation

Sustained Innovation is the state attained by organizations that have built a “culture of innovation,” capable of innovating at every point of the compass–a full 360 degrees of innovation–in all aspects of the business–management, operations, customers, suppliers, and among every team.

Several research initiatives by our BTM Institute, BTM Corporation’s research think tank, have found similar insights in the behavior of mature organizations. A couple of years ago, BTM released the Sustained Innovation Index, which showed that sustained innovation predicted greater capital efficiency, better margins, more revenue growth, and more contained volatility–such as evidenced by the performance of various size companies.

via Can Innovation Actually Be Measured? | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

As it turns out, weaving new thinking and interacting connections creates a sustainable culture of innovation. The thinking connections are between creativity and analysis. The interactive connections are cross-disciplines and functions.