Turning Non-Profits On Their Heads

Talking today with entrepreneur yogi and friend Doug Craver about reinventing non-profits. He argues that social and therapeutic services clients might value their experience more if they had to pay even a nominal sum. I proposed that it could be barter of time, talent or any objects of value. As it turns out this is exactly what his addiction therapist mother did in her practice. Lawns were cut, art was made, food was cooked.

In this model, people could pay it back or forward to their service providers, other clients and people in their communities. What’s most interesting is how this model empowers people with otherwise unengaged expressions of gratitude, generosity and empathy.

And as Doug points out, it gives people an experience of their own value and connection to their world. The significance of this is huge since many dysfunctions have roots in not feeling valued and valuable to others. Instead of being problems to be fixed, people become gifts to be engaged.

A major game changer, turning non-profits on their heads.