The Feminine Edge

Why Are Women Adapting Better To The New Economy? Rosin claims it’s partly because women possess more of the key capabilities that are essential today – communication skills, emotional intelligence, the ability to “sit still and focus.”

But also, it’s because women are more adaptable to changing circumstances – while men can’t seem to let go of the old ways. This adaptability is a function of men’s and women’s different social positions. Men were top dogs, so for them change means loss. Women were underdogs, so for them change means opportunity. Sticking to old rules about masculinity, careers, and success limits men’s vision and flexibility.

Rosin cites data supporting this notion of adaptability. I’ll quote David Brooks’ summary of her evidence: “A study by the National Federation of Independent Business found that small businesses owned by women outperformed male-owned small businesses during the last recession. In finance, women who switch firms are more likely to see their performance improve, whereas men are more likely to see theirs decline. There’s even evidence that women are better able to adjust to divorce. Today, more women than men see their incomes rise by 25 percent after a marital breakup.”

via The End of Men… as Leaders?