A lot about our world is not beautiful

There is much about our world that continues to be not beautiful. 

Two billion people struggle to live on less than two dollars a day. Millions of children have no safe or affordable access to education or health care. The vast majority of employees worldwide are continuously pressured to produce more while they work without passion and engagement. Apathy about economic inequality is epidemic. Education institutions still measure success more on how many employees they manufacture, instead of how many entrepreneurs they cultivate. Most schools remain actively uninterested or overtly unengaging in learners' natural and evolving curiosity. Medicine spends more resources on the profitability of pharma than on the empowerment of individuals and communities. Corporations are still massively rewarded for creating markets of consumers rather than contributors, without attention to the social and environmental costs. Large populations of obesity and starvation exist daily on the same planet.

This is the short list. And for every item on the list, there is a growing consciousness about creating a more beautiful world together. Creating a more beautiful world together is not a denial of suffering and unsustainability. It is the manifestation of our deepest purposes that flow from empathy, passion and courage.