The Ridiculous Mythology Of Accountability

In the Industrial Era dominated by male hierarchies, it was believed that it was the boss' entitled responsibility to apply the promise and threat of consequences for the purposes of unquestioning compliance. This was non-affectionately referred to as the deadly serious business of "holding people accountable." 

The reality was that bosses had to take a heavy hand as the perpetual external locus of control for two reasons. Compliance makes agreement irrelevant. Furthermore, the whole Industrial Model was based on the unquestioned belief that people are essentially flawed and must be controlled, else utter chaos would capsize the corporate ship, or at least run it aground.

In this age of being able to operate from science rather than superstition, we work from whole different premises and practices. 

People work by peer constructed, tested and agile agreements. They work from their passions and strengths. They own their happiness at work. All of this adds up to the high engagement culture where people operate from an internal locus of control, making the costly need for external accountabilities fairly irrelevant, actually deadly and ridiculous.