The power of intention

Intentions are declarations of what we would love to be possible. The more detailed they are, the more power they have. 

Given that the future is intrinsically unknowable, we consider intentions more as flexible lenses revealing present opportunities than fixed locations indicating predictable accomplishments. 

The neurosciences indicate that there is a close positive relationship between how we experience present opportunities and how we experience future possibilities. The depth and clarity of our passion in the present is equal to the breadth and depth of our vision into the future. 

In this context, we can have as many detailed intentions going out as far into the future as we want. They can be personal or global, realistic or impossible. We don’t have to defend them nor jealously protect them from change. They are lenses into an intrinsically unknowable future revealing new opportunities in an actionable present. 

When we work with focus, we work with continuously emerging and evolving intentions. 


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