Is turnover a valid metric?

Loyalty is a classic value in patriarchy based organizations. It's the parent-child trade of security for compliance. It's no longer a viable deal, given that most people know organizations that demand loyalty feel no reciprocal obligation to its employees. 

In slow organizations, the culture of permission inhibits the growth of people. When people don't grow, they stick around because they don't feel prepared to move onto new challenges. Lack of turnover in these situations is more lack of passion for growth. It's the logic that if we somehow get people to lose passion for growth, they won't grow beyond their job.

Nimble organizations and teams hold growth as a prime metric of success. When people feel free and supported to grow, they can stay around longer because their work is an opportunity space for growth. They can also move onto new opportunities for growth elsewhere. 

The conversation needs to not be about what the turnover and stickiness numbers are, but rather what they represent, and most importantly what problems do we want to have as a nimble organization.