Differentiating Strategic Doing 365 From business as usual

Many organizational leaders we talk with across sectors think of strategic planning in the same ways they have for decades. Many keep hiring leaders, academics and consultants that sustain business as usual with models not designed for the current dynamic Information Age. They are trying to achieve new results with the same approaches. They are always pleasantly surprised by the approach we present.

Our model has three key differentiating factors. It's ongoing, engaging and adaptable. 

The model refreshes strategic initiatives every two quarters which corresponds with the planning predictive accuracy windows in most dynamic environments. It makes being strategic ongoing instead of periodic. Where two and three year plans logically become less realistic after two quarters, Strategic Doing 365 remains continuously and actionably relevant.

The model engages every single contribution made by everyone invited to the process. It doesn't impose limits on people's contributions to the process. We work from the principles that people support what they help create and that in dialogue more of us are smarter than fewer of us. Traditional approaches structure the process that intentionally limits what people can focus on in the strategic process. We instead engage people in a process that allows them to speak to what matters most to them.

We use the same model in strategic planning for other kinds of planning like brand and operational planning, managing projects and decision making. The model skillfully adapts to every scale and scope of collaborations across organizations. Conventional strategic planning is typically a process that can only be used for strategic planning and does not adapt to every other kind of planning. Worse, it often silos strategic planning as distinct from all of the other kinds of planning in the organization. Our process scales and integrates all planning into a cohesive and powerful whole.

These significantly differentiate the process from conventional models. When organizations discover the elegant power of Strategic Doing 365, their experience is positive and they never look back.