All work as knowledge work

Knowledge is at the core of doing well in any kind of work. In this Information Age, it has become clear that all work is knowledge work.

We become more conscious of this when we keep a handful of questions top of mind in our everyday work experience: 

* What kinds of decisions do I need to make well in my work? 

* What kinds of real-time information do I need to sustain access to? 

* Who do I need to be talking to, about what, and how often? 

* What resident knowledge that I bring to my work is most important for my success? 

* What are the most important questions I need to have in my work? 

One implication of this perspective is that good leaders pay a lot of daily attention to how people are managing knowledge in their work. Of course we track input, effort and outcome metrics, but these are symptomatic of how people are managing knowledge as a core dimension to everything else.