Creating A More Beautiful World


My work is about how we can create a more beautiful world together. What do you imagine when you think of creating a more beautiful world?

My sense of beauty is what applies in the affirmative to three questions:

  1. Is it simple? 
  2. Is it interesting?
  3. Is it meaningful? 

Beauty is simple, interesting and meaningful. It is a world of more beautiful conversations and experiences, connections and inspiration, discoveries and narratives. Beauty expresses the best of who we are. Beauty manifests our goodness.

The whole priority on beauty raises whole different sets of questions and considerations distinct from other priorities such as those related to waging wars against problems and enemies. There are so many aspects to our world that are not beautiful. They are complicated, frustrating and not useful.

I believe beauty as a powerful lens will lead to more caring, creative, curious and collaborative perspectives and possibilities. It will transform how we think about what it means to create a more beautiful neighborhood, business unit, classroom or network. 

This is work that lifts our spirits to a rich consciousness. Our hearts long for beauty. It is a deep purpose. It is the space we call home.