Ideas Are The New Wealth

In my latest book, "Ideas," I suggest that ideas are the new wealth. Ideas have always been the force behind all genres of wealth including social, economic, cultural and spiritual. Everything we appreciate in our shaped world started as an idea.

When we thrive, it's because of the ideas that grow and sustain our thrivancy. When we struggle, we search for new ideas that have the power to transport us to greater experiences of thriving.

In contrast to money, ideas can grow just in the sharing of them. They can spread, scale and provoke new and unpredictable ideas, new forms of wealth. This is because unlike financial currency, ideas are actually living things, and as such, can grow simply by landing in the environments rich in idea nutrients. The book describes five specific kinds of idea nutrients that grow the wealth of ideas.

Ideas grow in conversations that represent nurturing environments. These are the five idea nutrients of like, so, and, when and else

Like provides the warmth from the sun. So provides the energy from air. And provides the minerals from soil. When provides mineral access from water. Else provides the soil fertility from microbes. 

  • Like: What do we like about this idea? 
  • So: So can you tell us more about this idea? 
  • And: And what could we add to make this idea stronger? 
  • When: When could this idea happen, given what needs to come before? 
  • Else: How else could we realize the advantages and minimize the disadvantages of this idea? 

Anytime we introduce any of these idea nutrients in conversations, ideas organically grow and new forms of wealth take shape.