Reflecting on 2015

On all levels - personally, socially, politically and economically - the more people are engaged, the better everything is, for everybody.

2015 saw gains across domains. Grassroots and institutional efforts to move chaos to authentic and Information Age democracies continue to gain ground. The power of crowdsourcing and shared economies grew exponentially. More self-directed learning education opportunities emerged, supported by the burgeoning technologies and the readiness for more people to take ownership of their learning. More religious communities of faith gave shape to more meaningful ways to build community and take on more spiritual dimensions of connection. Local living economies continue to thrive and grow all over the world and new ways of financially empowering all manner of entrepreneurs around the world continue to innovate and grow.

Certainly the political and technological shifts accelerate the possibilities of engagement in ways we have never seen before. It feels like a quantum shift in the sense that each step forward makes any step backward less likely. Once people taste engagement, they lose the ability to wilingly return to non-engagement. 

It will be interesting to see how 2015 builds on this.